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Ph.D. Students



  • Jennifer Nguyen. Expert Recommender Systems (with Dr. Núria Agell).

Robotics. HRI

  • Cristóbal Raya. Electronics Design and Implementation in Robotics for HRI (with Dr. Francisco Javier Ruiz).

  • Dennys Paillacho. Evaluation of human-robot social interaction from spatial relationships (with Dr. Marta Díaz).

  • Juan Manuel Acevedo. Bio-inspired artificial perception systems and intelligent task planning for autonomous systems.

  • Carlos Flores. SLAM with tele-operated robots.

  • Olga Sans. Robotics and Education (with Dr. Jordi Albó).

Computer Vision

  • Karla Trejo. 3D Active appearance models for people recognition with a RGB-D sensor.

Smart Control

  • ***


Former Ph.D. Students

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