Pau Martí Colom

Associate Professor
Technical University of Catalonia
Pau Gargallo, 5 08028 Barcelona (Spain)
Phone: +34 93 401 1681
Fax: +34 93 401 70 45


Present Associate Professor
Automatic Control Department, Technical University of Catalonia
2003-2004 Research Fellow
Computer Science Department, University of California at Santa Cruz
Supervisor: Prof. Scott A. Brandt
2002 Phd
Automatic Control Department, Technical University of Catalonia
Thesis Analysis and Design of Real-Time Control Systems with Varying Control Timing Constraints
Supervisors: Prof. Josep M. Fuertes and Prof. Gerhard Fohler
1996 Degree in Computer Science
Technical University of Catalonia


INCIDENT - Real-Time Networked Control in Distributed Generation, CICYT TEC2013-46938-R, 2014-2016.

EVENTS - Event-Driven Embedded and Networked Control Systems, CICYT DPI2010-18601, 2011-2013.

ArtistDesign - Design for Embedded Systems Network of Excellence, IST-2008-214373, 2008-20011.

C3DE - Control, Communications and Real-time Computing in Distributed Embedded Nodes, CICYT DPI2007-61527, 2007-2009.

ARTIST2 - Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design, IST-2004-004527, 2004-2008.

CRITICO - Integrated Co-design of Controllers and Real-Time Schedulers. Application to Distributed Control Systems, CICYT DPI2002-01621, 2002-2005.

ARTIST - Network of Excellence on Advanced Real-Time Systems, IST-2001-34820; 2001-2004.